A Rapido application is defined by a folder in the rapido folder in the current theme.

The application folder might contain a settings.yaml file in its root but that is not mandatory. It allows to define the access control settings (see Access control), or to enable the debug mode.

It always contains a blocks folder containing its blocks (see Blocks).

It might also contain regular theme items (rules.xml, CSS, Javascript, etc.).

Locating a Rapido application outside the current theme

If we use a lot of Rapido applications, or if the theme and the Rapido apps are managed by different persons, it might be preferable to locate the Rapido apps in a dedicated theme.

To do so, we just need to reference it using a .lnk text file in the current theme. The filename should be the app id, and its content must be the theme id.

For instance, our active theme would be structured like this:


The myapp.lnk content would be just:


The dev-theme theme would contain the full myapp Rapido app:


And everything will work just like if the myapp folder was in our active theme.