Happy hacking with Plone


What for?

Creating a small form able to send an email, or to store some data, generating some extra information about a page and inserting it wherever we want: with Plone these kind of tasks are complex for experts, and almost impossible for beginners.

rapido.plone allows any developer having a little knowledge of HTML and a little knowledge of Python to implement custom elements and insert them anywhere they want in their Plone site.


The unique interface to build applications with rapido.plone is the Plone theming tool.

It implies it can be achieved in the file system or through the inline theming editor.

A Rapido application is just a part of our current theme; it can be imported, exported, copied, modified, etc. like the rest of the theme.

Moreover, we can use Diazo extensively to inject our application in the Plone layout easily.